Cyber Criminals

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Cyber Criminals

Post  Admin on Wed May 27, 2015 10:12 pm

Beware there are cyber criminals out there waiting to commit fraud and dupe people out of their savings.

It is very easy to clone a real website and does not take a skilled developer long to produce a very professional-looking, but malicious site.

Be wary of malicious, criminal or inappropriate websites.

Follow and advise others to use the basic steps below to use the internet safely:

  • Check that a websites address is genuine by looking for misspellings, or a completely different name from what you would expect
  • Roll your mouse pointer over a link to reveal its real destination. Beware if this is different from what is displayed in the text
  • Do not enter personal information on a website that has no padlock in the browser or https:// at the beginning of the address
  • Websites which request more personal info than you would expect are probably malicious
  • Check the address in the browser address bar to ensure it matches the address you typed
  • Always get professional advice before making any investment decisions. Promises online of high returns are often fraudulent.
  • Be wary of websites which promote schemes that involve the recruitment of others, receiving money for other people or advance payments
  • Be wary of websites that are advertised in unsolicited emails from strangers.
  • Some cookies can be used by criminals to build a profile of you with a view to fraud.
  • Use an anti-spyware program that scans for so called tracker cookies.
  • UK websites must gain your permission to enable cookies
  • Always ensure you are running the latest version of your chosen browser
  • Ensure you have effective and updated antivirus/antispyware software and firewall running before you go online
  • Visit GetSafeOnline and Cybersafe Dorset Police for help and advice.


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