Warning Bogus Officials

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Warning Bogus Officials

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 18, 2014 11:47 pm

Message from Dorset Police:-

Message sent by
John Slade (Dorset Police, Police Volunteer 4261, Poole )

November 18th 2014.         This is a bogus officials message.

Within the last week their have been several incidents where a person(s) will call at a random address, and say they are from the council.  The person(s) will ask for your bank details under no circumstances disclose those details, and then close your door, and call the Police on the 999 system.

Council officials will not ask for your bank details, and will have the official ID card that will contain the photo of the holder, and the dolphin lo go on laminate plastic material.

Thank you.

Alegedly, the calls are from a company called Claimers Direct calling saying they are calling on behalf of Poole council tax. They are saying that a lot of money is owing as the banding is incorrect then are asking for bank details of customers to pay £55 up front to claim the refund owing. [CHNW]


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