Two trees in Adastral Road have been vandalised

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Two trees in Adastral Road have been vandalised

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:47 am

A resident reported to the Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101 that two trees in Adastral Road have been vandalised. They are the two before the Speed Camera near Verity Park. Someone has tried to cut them down with a power saw. The cuts are clean, even and sappy, which indicate a power saw rather than handsaw. Putting that together with a revving motor noise last night (Fri 22 Aug 2014) between 10 and 11 pm thought to be motorbikes in the park, the resident believes that is when it happened. As the job is unfinished, they may return to finish the job, so please be alert. Could the suspect be someone recently caught speeding on camera and who thinks the trees obscure the camera? Please report your suspicions to the Police on 101.

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