Dorset Alert - Beware of a Scam - 9 July

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Dorset Alert - Beware of a Scam - 9 July

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 18, 2014 9:14 am

This is a copy of a message sent via Dorset Alert.

July 9th 2014.          This is a message about a Scam

Please beware any phone call you may receive from anyone saying that they are a Policeman called George Bailey, collar number 659442. The message will be that they have someone in custody. The force he supposed to be representing is not disclosed.

If you should receive one of these calls make a note of any name or collar number that may be disclosed ring off and ring 101 straight away, do not give any of your personal details to this caller.

Thank you.
John Slade (Police, Vol 4261 , Poole North)

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